Commercial Roofing

Protect Your Building Investment!

When fixing a commercial roof it’s important that the job is done on time and on budget. As a business ourselves, we can appreciate that anything disrupting your operations can affect your bottom line and can be a hassle to either your employees, customers, or the general public.

The industrial/ commercial market has a very diverse range of needs, from installing curbs for HVAC units, to finding and repairing leaks, to stripping large areas of roof and reinstalling a new system. A roofing contractor must be versatile yet competent in a number of fields (i.e. Tar and gravel systems, torch down membranes, insulation, cedar flashings, drainage, etc.).

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Toronto Star Roofing Inc. has an excellent staff who have worked on all types of roofs and in various situations. We count on these experts to find and evaluate the problem, communicate with customers, then effectively solve the problem. The work we do will receive full backing from the whole company so that you can rest easy about any future issues or warranty concerns.
“We find that customers appreciate and trust us more and give referrals once we actually do come back and fix a previous problem or make a warranty call.”
By properly servicing and satisfying our commercial customers, we are building relationships, which will continue to provide a solid base of work for the company in the future.

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