Our Customers Make us the Best!

The following are some of the buildings that have benefitted from our services:

  • Construction Units
  • Institutions
  • Theatres
  • Car dealerships
  • Shopping plazas
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Nursing homes
  • Town houses

Toronto Star Roofing is the Roofing Resolution!
Toronto Star Roofing Inc. has assist in repair and install of commercial and suburban roofs of all structures and sizes. For over 10 years, our experts have been given practical roofing resolution for commercial and industrial units. Our experienced workforce will begin by evaluating your roof requirements, and providing homeowners with easy to comprehend roofing information on a potential roofing solution that encounters your financial plan.
At Toronto Star Roofing our employees are licensed and certified for their roofing expertise and all of our work is absolutely guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We use first- class quality materials that are sponsored by the manufacturer’s warranty to grant you peace of mind.

Yes – We do give free estimates !!!
Toronto Star Roofing Inc. will provide an absolutely free consultation along with a free estimate that will be clarified by our courteous staff.

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